Kristin S. Devin,
R.E. Broker
PO Box 505
Winthrop, WA 98862

Ph: 509.996.4400


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Kristin Devin

Growing up in New Hampshire in 1960, I spent my childhood years hiking the White Mountains, fishing remote rivers and skiing many little family ski areas all over New England. It was a childhood filled with living close to nature and days listening to my parents exclaim how many beautiful places were becoming far and few between even then. After graduating from the University of Colorado in 1983 with a degree in Economics, I moved to the Methow Valley. Over the last 30 years, I tried many small business ventures, whereby I started Central Reservations, the Winthrop Liquor Store and together with my husband, a guest ranch, the Mazama Ranch House. Business in this valley has been very challenging and the only business I remain in actively, is my real estate company.
I have been a real estate broker for 30 years and what drives me is to maintain the beauty of this valley and its sense of place. I originally worked for Winthrop Realty back in my early days but when this local business was sold to Coldwell Banker, a franchise, it became clear to me to go out on my own. For me, real estate has been a little harder to identify with for the industry has been at times a little less respectable than some but it is one I am passionate about. My approach to real estate has not always been about the bottom line but more about providing a road map for future land owners. With this business, it has provided me an opportunity to do something good and a way to demonstrate that real estate agents can lead in planning for future growth. I have always felt that my fiduciary duty in this industry was to my client, my community and the environment.
In real estate, I have experience in developing and selling land, homes, rental properties and commercial. I have sat on the board of the Methow Conservancy for 6 years and am now in my 7th year. My husband and I have raised two children here and feel very fortunate to make this beautiful valley our home. If you think my experience can be helpful and you share my values, please contact me and let me help you find your place in the valley.

  Kristin Devin | Methow Valley Real Estate Broker